Who we are

With over 160 years’ experience in waste and water management and over 20 years’ experience in energy from waste (EfW) solutions globally, we are trusted experts in transforming waste into clean, sustainable energy.

Bringing our global expertise to Australia 

With 55 EfW facilities across the world, SUEZ is a trusted, global expert in the recovery of energy from waste. Every year, we process more than nine million tonnes of fuel to power the lives of millions of people worldwide. 
We are the leading operator in Australia with the overseas pedigree and scale of experience in developing EfW facilities.  
We lead the way in delivering innovative environmental solutions in support of a circular economy where the waste of today can be a resource of tomorrow. 
We are the most ready and at the forefront of EfW development in Australia, with current projects in New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria supported by a local presence in each state. 
We are the most reliable and credible. In NSW, SUEZ is the market leader in resource recovery and manages the most extensive waste network infrastructure in the state. We’ve proven ourselves to be part of the community wherever we have facilities – and so have all our partners.

Our case studies

Converting Perth’s waste into sustainable energy at East Rockingham

We are a partner in the East Rockingham EfW facility – only the second of its kind in Australia – which is currently under construction and due to start operating in late 2022. 
SUEZ’s entry into the project represents the single largest commitment by a waste management company to the development of the energy from waste sector in Australia.  
Our role touches every aspect of the project – including waste supply, operations and maintenance, disposal services and power offtake. The project combines our international EfW experience with our market-leading network of assets and infrastructure in Western Australia.

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“The project is SUEZ’s first energy from waste development in Australia and we are very pleased to become a partner in this landmark transaction. This will significantly accelerate the improvement of waste treatment practices in the Perth region as well as reduce the city’s environmental footprint.”

Mark Venhoek, Chief Executive Officer, SUEZ Australia & New Zealand 

269,000 tonnes

of residual waste from local councils converted to energy per year


60,000 tonnes

of ash residual for use as road base

Electricity to power

36,000 homes

– equivalent to a reduction in CO2 emissions of

75,000 tonnes

per year

On-site visitor centre – over

5000 visitors

since 2014.

SOURCE: Based on data from Severnside energy from waste plant.

End-to-end management at Botany and Maryvale  

At our Botany and Maryvale EfW facilities, we will own the entire supply chain, which means we’ll be involved with everything from project development to management of outputs such as ash and residue. 

The Botany Cogeneration Plant

The Botany Cogeneration Plant in New South Wales would convert non-recyclable materials into steam and electricity to power the Opal Paper and Recycling Mill. Once operational, the plant would reduce the mill’s contribution to landfill and reliance on fossil fuel-based electricity and natural gas. 

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The Opal Australian Paper & SUEZ EfW facility at Maryvale 

The Opal Australian Paper and SUEZ EfW facility at Maryvale in the Latrobe valley will be Victoria’s first and most advanced EfW solution. The facility will allow the Opal Australian Paper Maryvale Mill to transition away from fossil fuels and cut its greenhouse gas emissions, while ensuring hundreds of jobs for the Latrobe Valley. The facility will be safe for people and the environment, with state-of-the-art technology ensuring clean emissions that meet Victorian EPA standards.

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Processes up to

400,000 tonnes

of residual waste from numerous London boroughs



enough electricity to power the equivalent of

50,000 homes

SOURCE: Based on data from Severnside energy from waste plant.