What we do

SUEZ is a leader in the resource revolution, championing sustainable resource management and supporting a circular economic model that secures the future of our planet and its people.

Managing waste effectively and responsibly is critical, both for the community and the environment. That’s why we work to promote reuse and recycling and convert the remaining waste that can’t be recycled further into energy.

One of our objectives is to reduce the amount of waste that’s sent to landfill. We do this by helping to reduce waste in the first place and then by working to boost reuse, recycling and composting.

Already in different cities around the world, waste that’s left over after recycling is converted into energy at one of our energy recovery centres, like the one in Cornwall near St Dennis in the United Kingdom, which generates enough electricity to power 21,000 homes.

Before this energy recovery centre was built, we disposed of Cornwall’s non-recyclable waste into landfill. Now we’re harnessing the power of waste to produce energy.