What is energy from waste?

The technology generates energy from the controlled combustion of non-hazardous waste materials that would otherwise go to landfill.

Energy from waste (EfW) is recognised as a proven and reliable technology which has been used in Europe, North America and Japan for decades.

There are more than 500 operational EfW plants in Europe alone, many of which are in and around major cities such as Paris, Zurich, Vienna and London. Countries such as Germany, Austria and Sweden support EfW as a key component in the waste-management hierarchy. In doing so, they are reducing their landfill to almost zero.

EfW plants can capture and convert the released heat into steam and electricity, with sophisticated filtering technology ensuring compliance with stringent environmental agency emissions standards.

EfW plants can provide energy as steam or electricity and can interchange between the two during the plant’s operation, providing improved flexibility and efficiency. The use of waste as fuel also enables an EfW plant to be a reliable baseload source of energy.