SUEZ operates within many local Australian communities to provide essential local resource recovery and water solutions. Our responsibilities include duties of care to our employees, the wider community and the environment.

In addition to ensuring that our facilities operate safely and efficiently, we are committed to the utmost integrity and transparency in all our dealings with the local communities in which we operate. This includes respecting the concerns and interests of our neighbours and promoting and facilitating open communication with all stakeholders.

One of the ways in which we aim to consult and listen to local concerns is by hosting Community Reference Groups (CRGs). SUEZ’s CRGs provide an interactive, consultative forum for members of the community to stay informed about local SUEZ operations and projects.

Our CRGs aim to:

  • Facilitate community awareness of operations, environmental performance and short, medium and long-term developments.
  • Create an open dialogue between SUEZ and community representatives on issues of concern.
  • Offer a practical avenue for community input into decisions around SUEZ facilities. 
  • Unite SUEZ and community representatives in minimising the impact of facilities on the local community.

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